smart software platforms and datacenters

Our smart and sustainable solutions

Over the last 20 years, intraHouse has developed many innovative software platforms. 
We started by developing a search engine in partnership with Microsoft. It was integrated in Internet Explorer, and also delivered to most of the largest media companies in Norway.
Since then, we have developed award-winning mobile platforms, and was the preferred vendor to Cisco for 10 years while delivering our innovative mobile platform.
Recently we have been developing social collaboration platform, and at the same time constructed the most sustainable datacenter concept for the world.


Mobile App Development

We deliver native apps for iOS and
Android, customized to the needs
of our clients.

Roadmap & Strategy

Based on our 15 year experience with
mobile technologies, we know exactly 
what is needed to be successful. 

Backend & API Development

Behind the scenes of any software project,
we develop a secure and scalable backend,
providing APIs for both web and mobile apps.

User Centric Experiences

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
Our solutions are all tailored to the customer
needs, making them easy and effective to use.

WorldClass Support

We have been offering 24/7 support
for our clients for 20 years. We are used
to keep your back while you’re asleep.

Data STORAGE & backups

intraHouse provides you with server
capacity from datacenters offering the
most sustainable and energy efficient way.

Product Updates

We continuously update our platforms,
making sure that our clients offerings
will not only work today, but also in the future.

Award Winning quality

intraHouse has been offered the European
Seal of Excellence award at CEBIT.
We will do our best to earn more.


Where and how you store your data and run
your compute matters. intraHouse is launching
a datacenter concept that will reduce CO2 emissions.

Latest news

Executive Growth Alliance partners intraHouse

Executive Growth Alliance partners intraHouse

Executive Growth Alliance, with its proven Silicon Valley-style Power of Peers collaboration process, will welcome about business leaders from transportation, smart environment, industry, consumer and health sectors in Norway, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, the US and South Africa.

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Holistic Innovation

  • Inventions become innovations only once they are applied and create value.
  • Customer ownership is key for successful innovation projects.
  • Successful smart city projects need such ownership not only by the city government, but also by the local companies and the citizens too.
  • intraHouse has developed multiple platforms ensuring all stakeholders can be part of the innovation path for a successful smart city future, including smart data centers too.

We make software platforms for Smart Cities. 

Mobile Apps

User Experience

VIsual Design

App Development

Making a software solution is much more than programming it. The use cases has to be examined, and the design process has to consider both web- and mobile versions.

intraHouse has been making world-class software platforms for 20 years, and we can assist you in making your solution work on all platforms, and make the upgrades to ensure it works in the future too.


Our Design & Development Process

There are multiple steps needed to make a successful application.

Strategy & Roadmap.

We start with establishing a strategy and roadmap.

Visual & UX Design

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. 
But it helps if it looks good as well.
On both desktop and mobile.



We can help you with the programming needed, 
or we can project manage the development with
external developers.

Launch & Monitor

We’ll see to a successful launch, and through
intraHouse Agency, we can also help you
with the relevant marketing.

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

Whether it is software development, cloud platforms or data centers, send us your specifications for a quote. We will ensure that you will be happy with the results!