Kim André Akerø

Kim André Akerø

Product & IT Manager

Kim's interest for computers was sparked at a very early age. Even before his teens he was programming in Commodore BASIC and then he progressed to programming in Visual Basic, Delphi (Pascal), and later, web development in HTML in the mid-1990s. 

Throughout his teens and and early adulthood, Kim's main focus was gaining knowledge in several areas of computer science, including user support, computer building, web design, and programming. When he wanted to start his own personal blog, he constructed his own CMS for this website, initially using Perl, and later upgrading it with PHP. He also took a variety of computer courses, and gained Microsoft Certified Professional Status for Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Server in 2001.

After some time of tinkering on his own, he was finally able to turn his interest into a career when he joined intraHouse in late 2003, initially with end-user support for the company's CMS, and with assisting search engine maintenance. 

Kim's responsibilities later evolved into system administration on both Linux and Windows platforms, across all platform editions, as well as network administration and maintenance for the in-house datacenter.

Since 2010, Kim has been the primary project manager with intraHouse on one of the core mobile app systems and the mobile web conversion platform, in addition to customer/client support, and various system administration duties, including system/network architecture, system building, and server maintenance across all datacenters used by intraHouse.