Karen Floyd

Karen Floyd


Passionate about communications, Karen knows that a unified mobile presence is essential for cementing the credibility of a company’s products or services and enhancing the business-stakeholder relationship.

A public relations, marketing and sales expert and fluent in Spanish, French and Russian, Karen possesses a high degree of cultural understanding and emotional intelligence. The breadth and depth of experience and international exposure enable her to translate even the most complex concepts and messages into communications that any audience can easily grasp.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Karen founded successful startup Symmetry PR in 2008 and previous experience spans a range of vastly different organizations including the Government of Morocco, global dot.com startup fis.com and now intraHouse and OneMobileTool.

Karen holds a bachelor’s in French, Russian and International Relations and a postgraduate diploma in public relations. She is a full, accredited member of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations.