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We used to say the world was going mobile, and now the world is mobile.
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There has never been a more crucial time to ensure your multi platform mobile presence is even better than a desktop, whether with responsive design, web conversion or native apps.

Your customers expect it. They want beautifully presented mobile content delivered at high speed, even with low bandwidth.

By meeting these expectations you strengthen the credibility of your brand and build loyalty, leading to happier customers.

Let us help you achieve the best mobile presence you possibly can. Whether you are a large or a small enterprise, we are sure that you will enjoy working with us and be delighted with the results.


Web design

There is no point having a poorly designed website. You need a responsive site that stands out from the crowd and meets your needs, whether that is something stylish and simple like ours, or one that is more complex.

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Pocket Paper

Our award-winning* SaaS solution, PocketPaper, is a super smart web convertor that seamlessly and swiftly turns websites, web applications, e-commerce sites, web shops and more, into a cool mobile experience that beats a desktop, with minimal physical input and maintenance.

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Native Apps and Web apps

Apps are our passion. Building apps and integrating content should go hand-in-hand. The challenge is repurposing content from your website and content databases so that it is presented in a mobile format within your apps. The way we design apps does this effortlessly.

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The Canary Islands, the jewels in the crown of the Atlantic Ocean, certainly are a gem of a place to live, work and create a business.

With our roots in cutting-edge enterprise mobile technology, during the past 20 years we have established a presence in Norway, the UK, the Benelux, Eastern Europe, Silicon Valley, Asia and now Gran Canaria.

We chose Gran Canaria for a host of reasons and mainly because establishing here is a great way for a company to scale and internationalise more affordably than most other western countries, and all under the safety of familiar EU laws.

Although advancing continuously, there is still more bureaucracy here than in many other parts of Europe and that can be off putting to a foreign company, unless you have all the help you need to help take any hassle out of the process.

Having gone through this procedure ourselves, we’re using our experience and expertise to support other companies through the process and help them take advantage of the wonderful benefits of creating a company on one of the Canary Islands.

Our new specialist consultancy division ensures your experience of establishing here is smooth, swift and successful. We work with a trusted handpicked team of experts spanning legal, financial and HR to bring you the precise expertise required.

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About us

From tiny acorns grow mighty oaks…

intraHouse has its roots in the majestic land of Norway with its highly respected business culture and thriving tech scene.

A pioneering software house, with more than ten years’ experience creating some of the smartest solutions available for mobile, intraHouse has grown and today has teams in the UK, Benelux, Spain, Eastern Europe, Asia and the US.Alesund

This means we can work around the clock to deliver proof of concepts and demos in a very timely manner to a standard we feel will surpass your expectations. 

Our award-winning technology PocketPaper is the choice of some top names including global giant Cisco and Dutch telecoms provider KPN.

Our native app solutions for all mobile devices are trusted by important organisations in the public sector, and again, Cisco.

Our web designs are sure to make you stand out from the crowd, rank high and look slick on any device.

We provide sophisticated, cost effective and hassle free mobile solutions for enterprises of all sizes, in any industry.

There has never been a greater need for intraHouse innovative mobile solutions than there is today.
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André Eidskrem

Founder & CEO

A dynamic entrepreneur with a mission to improve the way companies present their brands on mobile, André is Founder and CEO of intraHouse.

Karen Floyd


Passionate about communications, Karen knows that a unified mobile presence is essential for cementing the credibility of a company’s products or services and enhancing the business-stakeholder relationship.

Peter Fehr

Director Benelux

Peter has a natural curiosity and a genuine interest in people and what makes them tick and a passion for technology, especially mobile developments. Peter loves to see customer needs transformed into innovative technical solutions.

Todd Michael Heater

Director Business Development

A respected information technology leader with 15 years’ experience designing, implementing and managing effective online business development, marketing and sales projects.

Kim André Akerø

Product and IT Manager

Kim's interest for computers was sparked at a very early age. Even before his teens he was programming in Commodore BASIC.

Bjørn Furnes

Business Development and Web Design

As early as 1995 Bjørn was developing websites for his school as a hobby while studying finance at University of San Francisco, and soon found himself creating different solutions on the internet to be more interesting than financial statement analysis.

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