Business app. Photo: yayimages.

In our blog Why it’s important to look your best on mobile we talked about the importance of a unified mobile presence for optimal brand management and engagement. In addition to looking your best on mobile, now’s the time to consider a mobile business app if you haven’t already.

Businesses large and small are realising the benefit of having a mobile business app. First and foremost, they can’t be ignored especially as today most people use mobile apps rather than web apps and a whopping 87% of users actually make purchases via their smartphone or tablet.

Mobile business apps also help drive customer commitment, giving you the perfect platform for interacting with your clients in real time. Via a mobile app you can tell your customers anything they need to know and alert them to new products or services, special offers and sales. A mobile app can be a powerful way to promote your products or services, and customers generally perceive a company with a mobile app to be better than one that doesn’t have one.

Employees like them too and mobile business apps certainly help boost employee engagement with better connectivity between people in different locations around the world. They can report work done, keep client records, request help, be publicly praised and even ‘socialse’ with their counterparts.

Most business owners agree on the benefits of having a mobile business app, but many are put off by the maintenance and updating of the app, which can be costly and time consuming, depending on how you go about it.

Enter OneMobileTool (OMT). These issues are completely eradicated with our new sophisticated content management system for apps, which allows the app owner – whether we created the app or not – to take full control and management of the app via a dashboard.

The easy to use platform allows the app owner to not only change the design of the app, but push out new content in real time – even to selected audiences within an app – just by the click of a button, without republishing the app via the stores and without the end user having to update.

App management has never been so simple and cost effective. Business large and small are reaping the benefits of using OMT and finding that they’re able to get their products, news and notifications out to selected audiences easier, faster and cheaper than ever before, whilst maintaining a unified mobile presence.

So, to take control of your app management try OneMobileTool. Contact us for a Beta trial.