Look your best on mobile. Photo: Yayimages

It’s essential to look your best on mobile. Of course we’re bound to say that…it’s what we do, we make companies look outstanding on mobile, but that’s not why we say it. The statistics speak for themselves. 

Look at the changes Google implemented back in April here. If your website isn’t mobile friendly you’re living with the dinosaurs. But looking good on mobile involves more than a responsive website. For a really unique experience, consumers like native apps that are better than what they get via a desktop. 

The use of mobile devices is growing fast and will continue to grow – from 5 billion connected devices in 2010 to 50 billion connected devices in 2020, according to Ericsson. And 87% of mobile device users already make purchases via their devices, and this is set to grow too. 

Those reasons alone should be enough for you to make sure you look your best on mobile, but there’s a third, perhaps even more pressing reason, and it’s because in today’s fast paced world savvy consumers expect and demand fast, two-way communications from their brands. 

Remember the days when you could hide behind unanswered emails? They’re long gone! Online reviews and social media, mean consumers and other stakeholders are in constant contact with brands, so a company can no longer hide because the longer it takes for a brand to respond to a stakeholder, the more damage to the brand image and reputation of the business. 

Companies that consider how their brand interacts with stakeholders, as well as handles negativity or customer-service issues, are creating the winning brands. Mobile strategy has become a key component of strategic planning for the best marketers. Exceeding customer expectations – including the use of mobile for communications – is the best route to brand advocacy. 

The best course of action is to ensure you have the best mobile presence possible – which today means not just having a responsive website, but super native apps that really offer a unique brand experience – plus positive, proactive strategies for interacting with all stakeholders including customers, the media, and online influencers, all of whom are mobile. 

In fact, how cool a brand is on and with mobile plays a huge part in boosting its image. The better you look and interact on mobile, the better you are perceived in today’s world of savvy, demanding and impatient consumers. 

So don’t delay, make sure you look your best on mobile today!