Hello and thanks for visiting the intraHouse website and our blog. I’m Karen. I’m based on Gran Canaria and I’m involved in the international activities of intraHouse, helping to execute the global strategy and building the brand.

I joined intraHouse in February 2014, after having led a PR agency in the UK, which I founded seven years ago. Whilst I enjoyed running my PR agency, I was ready to return to a global business.

I’m passionate about language, effective communication and reputation management. For me brand management is far more than a striking logo. For me, it’s about being responsible for the overall image of the company, the experience everyone has with the company from employees to customers, and the promise that we make.

As a company we’ve achieved a lot and grown fast. It’s great to see how excited everyone is to be a part of the team and the guys love the variety of what they get to work on.

Last year, I spent quite a bit of time in Silicon Valley, which was amazing. intraHouse was part of a tech incubator programme sponsored by Innovation Norway.

I learnt many things there, which I’ll blog about a different time, but one thing that really stood out for me is how respected intraHouse is. To see the reactions of members of the Cisco marketing team during meetings in San José was absolutely thrilling; hearing words like ‘awesome’ used a lot, and ‘wow’. And to witness just how important what we do is to so many people and companies really fires my passion for the tech industry.Very happy to be here!