Hello, it’s David again. One of the things I realised on arriving in London, is that the tech scene here is so much more than I was expecting. During my time here I get to attend lots of different events ranging from pitching sessions to presentations from some successful, international entrepreneurs who have chosen London as their base.

According to Tech Nation, the UK’s digital tech industries are growing faster than any other sector of the nation’s economy, in terms of turnover; and, the sector employs more than 1.5 million people – with almost half of those jobs being created in the public sector and finance sector – and was worth £161 billion in 2014.

There’s a real culture of support here, not just via the multitude of events, coworking spaces and incubators, but also in the ease of creating a new company. The British Government has made it very easy for entrepreneurs to create new companies and bureaucracy is minimal.

And it’s not just London that is thriving. The North West of the country, in cities like Manchester and Liverpool, is also enjoying something of a startup and tech boom with Talk Business Magazine citing Liverpool as the city with the most UK startups in 2015.

 The UK has been named Europe’s most entrepreneurial country and Companies House says more than 1.5 million companies have been created in the past two years.

These are just some of the reasons why intraHouse chooses to have a presence in London and the UK, plus, the technology we provide, particularly our OneMobileTool (OMT) platform, is suitable for any company that has or wants an app.

And we believe that every business needs a mobile app, and once it has an app, to manage it in the most effective way, for which OMT is perfect.

OMT is our new sophisticated content management system for apps, which allows the app owner – whether we created the app or not – to take full control and management of the app via a dashboard.

The easy to use platform allows the app owner to not only change the design of the app, but push out new content in real time – even to selected audiences within an app – just by the click of a button, without republishing the app via the stores and without the end user having to update.

App management has never been so simple and cost effective. Business large and small are reaping the benefits of using OMT and finding that they’re able to get their products, news and notifications out to selected audiences easier, faster and cheaper than ever before, whilst maintaining a unified mobile presence.

I’m enjoying taking this message to the startups in London, who are very excited about it.

Any UK business that would like to test drive OMT, contact me for a Beta trail.