It’s all very well wanting and having an app, but it’s important to consider the purpose of your app and have it clearly defined.

Concise and clear

You should be able to define your app’s purpose in just a couple of sentences at the most. Otherwise it can be confusing and not targeted enough to find its market.

We’re currently developing an app for a client, the purpose of which is to ‘connect communities online for offline activities’. That’s a great example of a very clearly defined purpose.


Another crucial factor is scalability. Can your app be scaled for different markets in different countries?

The Cisco 2.0 flagship app for marketing that we’ve developed is testament to the potential of scalability of an app. This app has to reach a global audience and have the capacity to grow without limits.

Your app should provide a solution, like making it easier for customers to do business with you and interact. Airlines do this very well, for example. Many airline apps now offer booking, check-in and boarding passes that are available anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

So if you’re considering having an app, think purpose and scalability and if you have an app idea that you want feedback on, our expert team is always happy to offer an initial, confidential and complimentary consultation. Contact us for details.