In February, Team Norway visited various parts of Spain. The delegation – including the Ambassador of Norway for Spain and the head of Innovation Norway for Spain – visited Gran Canaria and as part of the trip met intraHouse at our offices at Incube.
The aim of the trip was to forge closer trade links between the two countries and for the Norwegian delegation to gain a better understanding what could be done to help Norwegian companies in Spain.
intraHouse was presented to the delegation as an example of how beneficial links between Norway and Spain can be fostered and those present learnt how Gran Canaria is becoming strategically important for many intraHouse projects including the development of cutting edge technology used by global giants like Cisco.
We also told the delegation about our consultancy venture to help other Norwegian, European and US companies establish on one of the islands by delivering everything a non-native might need to succeed on the islands from application processes, hiring the best talent, finding premises and even helping them market their products or services to their target markets.
We also treated the VIPs to a demo of the latest apps the Gran Canaria team is working on including ZenShepherd and Deck2Play.Ins