Hello! My name is Irina González and I’m one of the interns who joined the intraHouse team via PROEXCA. After a very useful induction period back in Spain, I was relocated to Silicon Valley (California, USA), where I get the chance to work in different areas inside the company and learn everything this place has to offer.

Like my colleague Pablo mentioned in another blog, Silicon Valley is a never-ending source of knowledge and opportunities. It’s easy to understand why the biggest companies that changed the course of technology were born here and why now, decades later, it’s still an epicenter of innovation and change.

Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, said: “Silicon Valley is a mindset, not a location” and it might sound like a cliché but it’s 100% true. One of the most important things you should know about The Valley is that networking is everything and people will always be open to help you and share their knowledge with you. Reaching your goals on your own is a difficult task, and having a network you can count on is probably the biggest asset you can have on your journey as a entrepreneur.

We have the ability to shape the odds in our favor, we can work to build our future and what a better way to do it than do it with people who can support you and help you in any way they can. It isn’t just the Silicon Valley mentality, it’s also the intraHouse way – that’s exactly why we decided that we needed to be part of this amazing place and why we decided to create Shaping the Odds.

We believe that everyone has something to offer to create a healthy global entrepreneurial environment and we invite everyone to be part of the #shapingtheodds community – where passionate, like-minded professionals are aware of how they have to shape the odds in their favor in order to succeed both in their careers and personal lives.

#shapingtheodds aims to be the perfect mix of Facebook and LinkedIn: a platform where you can keep track of your network, find interesting and useful content for entrepreneurs and startups written by our team and external contributors, and share information in the easiest way.

I’m happy to say that our member list keeps growing and so does the number of contributors that want to share their knowledge and expertise with all of us! If you want to know more about Shaping the Odds or would like to write something for us to share, feel free to contact me.