Great mobile native apps can be powerful marketing tools indeed. They can help you grow your business by attracting new customers, converting sales and encouraging stakeholder engagement, whether that’s with employees, partners, customers, suppliers or the media. The key is to keep your app users coming back and staying longer and for that you need to provide regular updated content, by using One Mobile Tool, and letting them know when there’s something new.

The best way to do this is with push notifications. Push notifications are a powerful tool for maintaining dialogue between a brand and its stakeholders. The key with push notifications is not to abuse so app users don’t feel like they’re being spammed.

Most brands have yet to catch on to the power of push notifications, unaware that they really can boost brand loyalty.

Some compelling statistics from Responsys state that 60% of people download apps from their favourite brands and 70% enable push notifications.

At intraHouse we find that push notifications can boost app engagement by 85%, which means more people returning to your app in any given 30-day period and using the app for longer.

Plus, when used effectively you can increase your engagement with social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, by as much as 30%.

So could the push notification be overtaking other popular channels like email?

The key to success with push notifications is adding value to the user’s day or providing a compelling call to action, but you need to:

  • Target your audience, give users the option to opt in or out and even let them decide they types of notifications they’d like to receive
  • Enable geo detection
  • Segment the audience: employees, partners, customers, suppliers, etc
  • Choose cool content, rich media works well

By using One Mobile Tool you can send out relevant push notifications across multi devices in real time. We also help those companies who are new to push notifications plan their push notification strategy and devise cool content.

Push notifications are shaping two-way communications between a brand and its stakeholders in a most powerful way. To find out more about what a One Mobile Tool native app with push notifications can do for your business, contact us today.