Most people use multiple apps today and the number of apps created and used is growing all the time. As the number of connected devices is expected to grow to 50 billion by 2020, we can certainly expect more apps to appear on the mobile scene.

Savvy mobile users prefer a native app experience rather than a desktop, so it makes sense to be able to manage your app in the most effective way.

Having an app created for your business is just the start of the app journey, but it doesn’t end there. Afterwards, you’ll want to make changes to the design, send out new content like news, videos and new products. This all takes time and money.

For many companies, whether a large enterprise or an SME, making these changes can not only be costly in terms of time and money, but also a hassle because you have to go back to the developers, wait for them to make the changes and then make sure you’re happy with them.

Then, the developers have to republish your app via iTunes and/orGooglePlay and then, possibly worst of all, you have to hope that your end users actually update the app themselves so they can see the wonderful changes you’ve made.

Not any more! At intraHouse we have a great solution for this. We give power and control of the app to you.

Imagine how convenient to be able to tweak the design and add new content to your app whenever you want, in real time, across all devices, and even to selected audiences such as employees, partners, resellers, etc.

For these simple updates and changes by using OneMobileTool you don’t even have to republish via iTunes and/or Google Play and the end user doesn’t have to update the app.

You can even send out push notifications! And that’s an extremely powerful marketing tool today and will become more important as the use of mobile devices and apps continues to grow.

Our clever solution saves enterprises and SMEs lots of time any money and makes app management fun and fast. You can even customize your OneMobileTool dashboard to suit you, a bit like WordPress for app management.

This is a very simple explanation of this smart technology, as there’s actually a lot more to it, but it’s still very simple to use and already companies around the world are finding it to be their app’s best friend.

We’d love to give you more details and a demo so please feel free to contact us for more.