Described by many as a new Davos, the non-profit SmartNations Foundation (SNF) launches on 12 November 2019 at Digital Infra Montréal when pioneers of the global SmartCity space will gather to tackle and debate issues facing the industry. Leading experts will cover a variety of topics from advances in technology and available solutions that can mitigate risk, to ensuring legacy infrastructure can handle the impacts of climate change.

The SNF launch is spearheaded by SNF co-founder and CEO André Eidskrem (also CEO of intraHouse), co-founder and COO Bruce Taylor and Roger Strukhoff (CEO of Tau Institute for Global IT Research), who will share the SNF goals of accelerating the adoption of 21st Century technologies. 

Topics to be covered by the SNF team include sustainable energy and infrastructure; SmartCities’ programs needed to enable the sustainable digital transformation of societies and economies in the fast-evolving global “4.0” era; and, the expansion of SmartCities’ projects at regional and national levels within emerging and developed economies and societies.

SNF keynote speeches will cover the management of KPIs to reduce the carbon emissions of IT infrastructure; the impact low latency gaming will have on digital infrastructure; and, the importance of fiber availability in the growth of the networks.

In addition, SNF will announce details of the first Smart Nations Leadership Symposium on “Sustainable digital infrastructure and platforms enabling extended Smart Cities”, in cooperation with Digital Infra Partners, scheduled for Spring 2020.

SNF is adopting intraHouse SmartCity platform to build the new community, facilitate innovation, communication, collaboration and management of SmartCity projects in one safe, single place in the cloud, accessible via desktop and iOS and Android apps.

Register here using the code “SmartNations” to attend the SmartNations Foundation introductory meeting at Digital Infra Montréal.