We recently attended the Canarias7 Superheroes15 event on Gran Canaria, which brought together the island’s leading tech entrepreneurs who took time out to share their experience and expertise in building a successful startup.

Representing intraHouse, Todd gave a ‘fast’ talk about OneMobileTool (OMT), our new technology, which is a sophisticated CMS for apps, giving the app owner complete control of their app, allowing for changes and updates in real time without republishing and without the end user having to update.

OMT saves app owners time and money. We have companies large and small using different versions of OMT.

For global enterprise Cisco, OMT allows the marketing team to update their app with products, news, videos and announcements for selected audiences at the click of a button. This is hugely beneficial when you’re a busy marketing department that’s got to communicate with thousands of people about different topics but they use the same app.

A basic, entry level version of OMT is also used by smaller companies who want to take control of their app.

There were a total of 30 talks that day ranging from advice regarding how to talk to designers, crowd funding, thinking global, the importance of hiring the right people and how to identify them, and much more.

Special thanks go to all the Superheroes15 support staff for making the event possible. It’s wonderful to witness the open, sharing, Silicon Valley style culture that’s starting to develop on the island. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event.