We’ve now been in operation on Gran Canaria for two years. The first was spent settling and getting to know the landscape and at the start of the second year we started to build the team.

Our decision to create a company here was based on the strong relationship between Norway and Spain and the fact that the Canary Islands offer a great, affordable base from which to scale and internationalise, coupled with a rich pool of talented professionals and an increasingly buzzing tech and digital nomad scene.

Our second year was a busy one and the team on the island is involved across all our development projects ranging from creating some exciting, new in-house technology, to working on enterprise apps and other mobile technology, to developing apps for some small and medium sized businesses that are based on Gran Canaria.

In addition to scaling the business, it’s been a time of establishing relationships, and we’re very honoured to have great collaborative connections with organisations like ProexcaZEC and SPEGC.

Our brilliant Gran Canaria team is international and includes 10 people from the island itself (two of whom are in Silicon Valley and one in London), a Brit and an American, drawing on a high level of expertise from the fields of programming, engineering, design, marketing, sales and communications.

It’s been wonderful to see how the team on Gran Canaria has gelled. They really do work as a true team and have established strong ties with the other teams around the world with open lines of communication and collaboration.

There are a growing number of companies choosing the Canary Islands as an additional office location and more considering it as an option. We’re always happy to share our experience, dos and don’ts, and offer introductions to the right people.

So if you’d like us to help you learn more about scaling and internationalising from the Canary Islands, contact us.