Rahfeal Gordon during his stay in the island (Credit: intraHouse, David Díaz, The Canary News, Mónica García)

At intraHouse whilst we’re actively creating new technology and native apps, we’re also busy behind the scenes working on projects to pay it forward to help students, entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world.

One project is #ShapingtheOdds, an online community of students and professionals who come together to share, learn, collaborate, motivate and support each other.

Under the umbrella of #ShapingtheOdds, intraHouse brought award-winning global entrepreneur, public speaker and author of 14 books on leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development Rahfeal Gordon – RahGor – to the island of Gran Canaria (where we have our Spanish office) for three events.

The events included an intimate dinner, a free event for students and entrepreneurs held at and in collaboration with FULP, and two sessions with more than 200 pupils from San Antonio María Claret school.

The reaction and feedback from attendees was very positive and everyone who attended agreed that not only were the events fun and different, but they were also hugely informational and motivational.

intraHouse would like to thank everyone who came to the events and also to thank RahGor for agreeing to include a visit to Gran Canaria as part of his Skyscraper World Tour.