Yesterday intraHouse, upon the invitation of FULP – part of the University of Las Palmas – was invited to talk to a group of graduates about working with a global company. The emphasis was on the importance of speaking languages well.

Karen explained that in order to work for a global company such as intraHouse, or a company looking abroad, it’s vital that the team is multilingual.

In the case of intraHouse, the working language is English, and so all team members dotted throughout Norway, Spain, the UK, Belarus, Thailand and Silicon Valley, must be able to work in English.

Karen’s top tips for the graduates were:

  • Join a language exchange group
  • Practise every day by reading, watching or listening to something in the language you’re studying
  • Spend some time in the country/countries where the language is native
  • Don’t worry about making mistakes or being perfect

Divi told the graduates about her experience of joining intraHouse and spending her first year at our HQ in Alesund, Norway, where she suddenly had to switch to speaking English all the time, for the first time, and how this greatly helped her improve her language skills.

Thanks to FULP for the invitation and good luck to all the graduates.