We recently wrote about the Innovation Forum Norway conference, which we attended in conjunction with ZEC to promote the Canary Islands as a great business destination. 

The number of companies recognising the Canary Islands as an ideal base from which to scale and internationalise is growing and the latest addition to the portfolio is Rolls Royce, who has created a ZEC company on Gran Canaria for its maritime activities.  

As a result of the recent intraHouse and ZEC visit to Norway and Rolls Royce establishing on Gran Canaria, La Provincia has featured the great news, citing intraHouse as a success story of foreign, particularly Norwegian companies, creating a presence on the island.

In the exclusive interview with La Provincia, we describe the vision we have of Gran Canaria becoming ‘the Silicon Valley of Europe’, thanks to its superb infrastructure, rich pool of qualified personnel and favourable fiscal regimes and how the culture here can benefit from some of the lessons of Silicon Valley, such as the ‘pay it forward’ culture of open collaboration and sharing.