We recently had the great pleasure of attending the Grand Opening of the new Rolls-Royce marine services facilities on Gran Canaria. The HQ for the marine services is Ålesund, hometown of intraHouse, so we are neighbours with lots in common.

Held on 5 November at the prestigious brand’s, custom built, 2100m2 service facility premises at Astican Shipyard in the north of the island, more than 200 VIPs attended the ceremony.

Guests and media heard speeches from Andy Marsh, RR president of marine services; Knut Hovland, RR SVP Europe & Africa; José Carlos Álvarez MD Astican; Beatriz Barrera, President of ZEC; Antonio Morales Méndez, President of Cabildo; Augusto Hidalgo Macario, Mayor of Las Palmas; Luís Ibarra Betancort, President of Port Authority; María del Carmen Hernández Bento, Government Delegate of Spain and Fernando Clavijo Batlle, President of the the Canary Islands.

During the speeches Andy Marsh explained that the Canary Islands are an important location for the offshore industry and that Rolls Royce will now be able to get closer to customers and give them an unparalleled level of service to help them get the most from their vessels, thanks to the new facilities and the partnership with Astican.

We felt the same when we decided to open an office on Gran Canaria. The Canary Islands offer an affordable, additional base from which to grow a business. It’s almost a year since our office opened on the island and in that time we’ve been able to grow the team significantly allowing us to deliver even more expertise to new and existing customers.

Also a ZEC company on Gran Canaria, following in the steps of other Norwegian companies including intraHouse and Otech, we’re delighted to have our Ålesund Rolls-Royce neighbours join us down here on Gran Canaria and we look forward to seeing how the business flourishes here on the island.