Hot on the heels of FITUR, earlier this week we were invited to talk about our award-winning solution and our collaboration with FIMAC on radio Canarias La Autonómica.

Free to use and download, is a web-based platform and mobile app service that brings cities to life, giving the user everything needed to interact with a city, easily and quickly. can be used as a tour guide at home or away to find events and points of interest including tourist spots, restaurants, bars, hotels, pharmacies, and more.

In collaboration with FIMAC, which works to improve businesses with European Internet of the Future technology, is undergoing further development to bring new functionality to the platform.

During the interview, which is in Spanish only, intraHouse communications executive Irina explains how far we have come with and how we are improving the platform thanks to the expertise and technology provided by FIWARE.

You can listen to the interview here.

Special thanks go to FIMAC for choosing us to talk about our collaboration together and the solution, and to Canarias2.0 for the warm welcome and wonderful interview.