Following on from our involvement in the Board of European Students Technology (BEST), Engineering Competition (EBEC) last year (you can read all about it on our blog), this year Divya recently acted as a judge for the 5th edition of the competition at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) in Las Palmas where 36 students tried their hand at building something innovative.

With a background in industrial engineering and international business, Divi was the ideal judge for the Case Study component of the two-part competition – theory Case Study and practical Team Design – together with the Director of the Technological Institute of the Canary Islands (ITC), Gonzalo Piernavieja, and the Deputy Director José María Cabrera of students, mobility and entry into employment of the EITE.

For the practical part, 5 teams of 4 members each had to build a prototype capable of launching a specific load. The devices were evaluated based on the distance the thrown object could reach, precision, automatisation, cost and presentation of the prototype. The team called “AC/DC” won this category because of the accuracy of their device. For the theoretical part, 4 teams of 4 members each had 10 minutes to present a space program based on life on other planets – which planet would they colonize, how would they get there, etc. – and were evaluated based on innovative, viability, funding and presentation skills. In this category, the winning team was “Paradigma” due to the innovative and distinctive characteristics of their plan.

The winning teams, thanks to their efforts and dedication, will have the opportunity to participate in the national round of the competition, EBEC Spain, which undoubtedly will be a great challenge that the students will face with enthusiasm and passion.

Best of luck to everyone from intraHouse and thanks for inviting us to judge again!