Yesterday, intraHouse had the great honour of attending and presenting at the Innovation Day 2015 conference by Innovation Forum Norway – A road to a smarter Norway – in Oslo, together with ZEC from Gran Canaria.
Innovation Forum Norway represents 600 members from 106 multi-sector companies, who are all interested in innovating to stay ahead of the changes the country is facing.
Norway is blessed with natural resources and has relied on these resources, particularly oil, to fuel the economy and maintain the high standard of living and social welfare that the country enjoys, but now the country has to switch from wealth extraction to wealth creation, which means innovating and thinking more globally. 
Innovation Forum Norway identified intraHouse as one Norwegian company doing just that and the Canary Islands as a strategically attractive location to consider, particularly for subsea, technology and services companies.

The Canary Islands were presented as a hub for innovation alongside other important hubs of Silicon Valley and Berlin.

The President of ZEC, Beatriz Barrera Vera, told the 300 delegates just exactly what the Canary Islands have to offer in terms of infrastructure and fiscal incentives. Not only do the Canary Islands offer a superb infrastructure, she said, but as part of the European Union, they offer a safe and extremely attractive environment to create a business.  

intraHouse CEO André Eidskrem told delegates that the Canary Islands offer Norwegian companies, and any company, the chance to scale and internationalise, far more affordably than anywhere else in the Western world right now. André stressed that companies mustn’t view the Canary Islands as a replacement for having a business in their home country, but rather as a way to grow.