Earlier this week we had the great pleasure of accompanying a delegation from Innovation Forum Norway to Cisco HQ in San Jose, Silicon Valley, as part of their study trip to the Bay area to learn about what’s driving innovation in the world’s epicenter of technology.

During the Cisco tour the group received a presentation from Steve Lau, senior manager for Cisco web and mobile, who revealed some interesting statistics including the fact that 44% of people expect a smartphone or tablet to be their primary device for business.

Steve also highlighted that during the past nine months, Cisco has received 6.8 million mobile web visits and 10.2 million customer app downloads, with the Cisco 2.0 app created by intraHouse positioned in the top five of 88 external Cisco apps.

As part of the Cisco visit the delegation, from the banking and utilities sectors, received a tour of the global giant’s impressive TV studios and learnt just how important video is to Cisco with 3.1 million video views on cisco.com in the last nine months and 8.2 million video views on Cisco YouTube.

To conclude the visit, delegates learnt about Cisco’s pioneering work in the Internet of Everything, which helps organisations prepare for the next wave of the Internet. An IoE session specifically for utility companies gave attendees a real insight into how Cisco technology is helping drive the utilities sector forward.