Last week, members of intraHouse presented the company and some of our projects to attendees of the San Francisco International Women Entrepreneurs Forum summit on Gran Canaria.

The event, now in its second year, brings together seasoned entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, Gran Canaria, mainland Spain and other parts of the world to share expertise with budding and aspiring entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity to learn, for free, what they can do to help shape the odds in their favour.

On day one of the summit, intraHouse CEO André Eidskrem shared his journey of entrepreneurship and the history of the company, from its beginnings in Norway to today having a presence around the world, including Silicon Valley and Gran Canaria.

André encouraged attendees to join the intraHouse project ShapingtheOdds, which is a community of global entrepreneurs who come together to share experience, offer help to others and even facilitate relevant introductions.

ShapingtheOdds is our way of ‘paying it forward’ to the global entrepreneurial community. We believe that Facebook is more for one’s ‘personal’ life, whilst people can find it difficult to reach out to those they don’t know via LinkedIn. The platform bridges this gap and it’s understood that by signing up you’re willing to contribute to the community in any way you can.

On day two of the summit, intraHouse CBO Karen Floyd shared her story of entrepreneurship and her top tips, which included remembering what drives you to do what you do. This drive is the motivating force that steers us on to succeed, says Karen. Other top tips included having mentors and an advisory board, keeping a close eye on cash flow as even profitable companies can become unstuck with poor cash flow, continuing to learn and develop oneself professionally and personally, not being afraid to ask for things, taking proper care of one’s well being, meditating and paying it forward.

Special thanks and congratulations go to the San Francisco International Women Entrepreneurs Forum for a great summit and the opportunity to take part. We’re already looking forward to next year.