On Friday 19 June, we hosted a fun R&D event at Incube on Gran Canaria to gain further insight into the user experience of Deck2Play, our new web service that combines card deck submissions with our cross-platform, card-deck-sharing app for Android.

D2P offers a new way for people to interact via their smartphones combining physical presence and technology without players being either completely absorbed in their phones, or their companions and adds an exciting dimension to the concept of working, learning and playing together.

At the event, for the first time in their lives, participants – a mix of the island’s top tech talent and children – experienced card play in a way that mimics the feeling of real cards. They played poker with our D2P poker deck, plus some typical Spanish card games including Mentirosa (Liar) with our D2P Spanish Deck and Go Fish with our D2P kids’ cards.

Soon chatter and laughter filled Incube as players quickly got to grips with the functionality of D2P with fingers flying across screens moving cards about the play zones.

Some children played Go Fish via telepresence with human assistants and they loved the experience of using their technology to play remotely together. Meeting and playing cards in this way for the first time, they quickly connected and got into the flow of the game, just like old friends.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended for making it such a fun night.
Deck2Play is available for Android in Norway and Spain. More soon! 🙂