We’ve just had the great honour and privilege to spend the week with BEST Las Palmas and the 21 best of the BEST students from Sweden, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Belgium, Italy, Serbia, Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Portugal, Austria, Croatia, France, and Greece.

With ambitions to create their own apps, and in some case their own start ups, the 21 talented techies have received a wealth of helpful information from members of the intraHouse team and their Unity3D tutors.

intraHouse CEO André shared his personal trails and tribulations of being an entrepreneur, creating intraHouse and beginning the internationalisation of the company including expansion into the US and Europe, our success stories, and, an overview of #ShapingtheOdds.

Todd, director of business development for intraHouse Spain delved into the different options for app monetisation. Quick to grasp Todd’s top tips, the students had plenty of intelligent questions.

Adding a touch of fun to the proceedings, Todd asked for volunteers to give a pitch of one of their app ideas. A few brave students rose to the challenge and pitched some cool ideas to the audience, which were received with kind encouragement and applause from everyone.

intraHouse CBO Karen, gave her top tips for promoting apps, citing Norwegian game developers Dirty Bit as having done an excellent job in promoting their Fun Run game.

The students are now working in groups to create their first game for Android using the Unity3D platform. We’ll see what they’ve created on Tuesday 28 July when they present their games to everyone.

Thanks to BEST Las Palmas for such efficient organisation and to the students for being so attentive and enthusiastic!