In our last blog we spoke about the power of the push notification. We also said how it’s important to get it right. You really must know your audience. And then you must respect them, by not being ‘too pushy’ with your push strategy.

Knowing your audience means ensuring you generate relevant content for segmented audiences and that really depends on the nature of your app. If your company offers a ‘deal of the day’, then users won’t mind receiving a daily notification.

Whereas if your app provides news, your audience will only want push notifications for news they’re interested in and they won’t mind how many relevant notifications they get.

You must make it easy for the user to recognise a push notification from you. Some do this by having a particular sound for a specific notification. And you must also make it easy for the user to opt in and out of the notifications.

Always make sure you check your notification before it goes out for language and presentation. Are you looking your best on mobile?

Keep your audience local, so if you’re embarking on a global campaign, make sure people receive the relevant push notification at a good time for them and in the correct language.

The actual target audience varies with companies, company structures, service offerings and campaign targets. Some companies only have customers worldwide and so the audience is not specific or restricted to one country, region or language.

Also use geo-marketing, which means considering location for local deals. So if you’re a restaurant or a store with an offer, sending a relevant push notification with the offer to people within a certain radius at a specific time/day, can be very powerful.

Make sure notifications are correctly scheduled and if your push notification has an expiration date, such as an offer lasting three days, be sure to delete that notification from the system once it has expired.